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18 2022-01

The third largest profitable area in the medical industry, small computer refraction is the future trend of ophthalmic testing!

Ophthalmology is the third most profitable field in the medical industry after cardiovascular and oral, ophthalmic testing is a very niche area in ophthalmic medicine, although China's audience groups are large, but the development of a large market is still to be developed, the market is still immature. This article is about the current market situation of the main products of optical instruments for ophthalmic testing in China.
18 2022-01

Application areas and installation precautions for binocular vision screeners

The data obtained from the binocular vision screener test is highly accurate, easy to operate, fast diagnosis and performance system, which not only saves the general public the cost of time for medical consultation, but also provides more reliable protection for the examinees.
18 2022-01

Ophthalmologist, how to "play well" with the ophthalmic surgical microscope?

The images in each eyepiece of the ophthalmic surgical microscope should overlap consistently. Among them is mainly binocular solid microscope, the overlap of images seen by both eyes of the surgeon should be good.
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